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Excel Interface

MSC-LIMS includes an integrated Microsoft Excel interface to import and export LIMS data. Using Excel templates with required macros, the Excel interface can be used to create custom reports from data in any LIMS report, import results from instrument data files, and to create custom analyte-specific data entry screens to calculate and import final results and associated QC data. Using workbooks without macros, the Excel interface can also be used to import sample data or to import complete samples during batch login.

Excel Templates

To import results and to export data from any LIMS report, Excel templates are used. All templates must include a LIMSData worksheet with macros BeforeTransferFromLIMS and AfterTransferFromLIMS. Templates used to import analysis results must also include macros BeforeTransferToLIMS and AfterTransferToLIMS. While these macros may be empty, they must exist to support the Excel interface's event model. MSC-LIMS includes a number of example import and export templates you can copy and modify to create your own template.

Use the Workstation Configuration screen on the Admin menu to specify the location of the Excel template files.


Use the links above to explore the Excel interface.

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