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laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Welcome to, the information site for MSC-LIMS, an affordable Windows-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) for small to mid-sized laboratories. is your source for ...

An affordable LIMS. MSC-LIMS license options range from the low-cost annual subscription license, up to the customizable full-system license. All licenses are available for single or multiple users. See our Price List for details.

A LIMS to enhance your existing lab operations. MSC-LIMS' unique Excel interface lets you use your existing spreadsheets to report LIMS data. MSC-LIMS can also interface with your lab instruments and hand-held field-testing equipment. Discover for yourself why MSC-LIMS is the Solution.

A LIMS with a proven track record. MSC-LIMS has been successfully implemented in water, wastewater, commercial environmental, food testing and petrochemical applications since 1995. Customizations are fully supported. See our product Benefits.

A LIMS backed by exemplary customer service. Each MSC-LIMS license includes a full year of unlimited technical support by phone, fax or email. Optional on-site installation and training is available, or use MSC-LIMS' self-guided Quick Start to learn at your own pace. Read Customer Comments.







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MSC-LIMS in the News

01-Apr-20 MSC-LIMS Celebrates 25th Anniversary  

13-Dec-18 MSC-LIMS Advances to SQL Server with Version 5.0  

10-Dec-15 MSC-LIMS Version 4.1 Refines Automated Messaging  

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What Users are Saying

"It is refreshing to work with you. The LIMS you have created can be intimidating at first, but once you understand the structure it becomes very intuitive. ... Simplicity is the hardest thing you will ever achieve. However, once achieved, there is an inherent beauty in something's simplicity. I feel you have come pretty close to achieving that level of simplicity with this LIMS."
— G.W., Texas

"Thank you so much for taking the time to assist [us] today as [we] upgraded to MSC-LIMS 4. What amazing changes! I love the look and feel. Really liking the update so far."
— A.M., Virginia

"I am extremely pleased with MSC-LIMS. [The new lab person] started in March. I did not bother explaining to her how we did things but made her start with LIMS. To my surprise, she learned the system in a few days... Thanks!"
— T.L., Pennsylvania

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